sábado, 22 de setembro de 2007

Calmer songs, cheaper lovers...

Indeed, talking about relationships always end up in talking about lots of other different things, different, but related to the original matter. How many times you wanted to prepare the atmosphere of a date, so that the “object” could feel impressed, or relaxed, or even excited (yes, this is the kind of feeling we ALWAYS look for)… probably you can’t remember one single date without one strategy… Anyway, what is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about “that unique moment”? No, sex is not the answer (ok, it can be the result), but I wanted to refer to the music that enchanted your ears, and weakened you legs and… Tough, where is the rule that says that for a special moment must be playing a calm song? Macy Gray and its similar are not challenging enough. You put a calm song and you play by the rule, but, what fun do you see in that? Sex is a challenge, but, there is no challenge in following the rules that ASSURE you will get laid… The fun in it is in creating a love-friendly atmosphere in a punk rock concert, or during a death-metal band exhibition… If you actually succeed in a diverse situation like those, you are most likely to overcome the barriers of that date you always wanted, but never could get to… That’s why I say… calmer songs, cheaper lovers… and no fun in it!

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