terça-feira, 29 de julho de 2008

Through shallow ways, thou shall pass.

It isn’t against any odd. It is just a simple rule which happens to take place in every single person’s life.

Firstly, the English shall not be as correct as it was in earlier days. So as the thoughts that inspire this post.

Conflict is inherent to the human being. Persistence and other skills needed to win them are not.

Those who say that life is a paradox are either well-prepared for living or idiots who just repeat what have been told them.

When in youth, people tend to think that everything is possible. Everybody can do anything. Everybody is prepared. The paradox lies in a second stage. When grown-ups, these same people do not think, they simply "do" things, and question other things they don’t feel prepared to do.

Consequently, grown-ups question themselves, forgetting about the "irresponsible" teenager he/she used to be. Responsibility is the main skill which is created just as time goes by. It also pulls other feelings such as altruism, courage and self-awareness, which happens to resolve conflicts.

This is the paradox. A kid is not able to realize the things he/she can do, because he/she fails to realize that some things come after some time. Adults do not realize they are able to go further, because they fail to realize they are more and more prepared for the conflicts.

While in "blindness" the path gets narrower. And the "light" is in your hand, waiting for you to be used and help you on your way.

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Anônimo disse...

Palavras de um guri em amadurecimento (deixando de ser verde...)Tb to nessa. Belo inglês, onde tu fez curso?

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